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Official Description

The Skinner Technology Archive (STA) is an online museum dedicated to the collecting and sharing of old, abandoned, and pre-release software.

The entire archive is free, open-source and available for all. Whether you want to put on those retrospective rose-tinted glasses and re-visit some classic versions of Windows, do some research on computing history and development, or restore an old system that was previously ruined, they aim to be your number one source of high-quality information and original downloads that other sites simply cannot match. Get classic operating systems, applications, and betas for every platform from PC to Mac to IBM, from the software archive on Skinner Technology.

If you’d like to learn more about the history of the Skinner Technology Archive, look at the About page.


The founder of the Skinner Technology Archive is NeoSki.

Other Notes

The Skinner Technology Archive is an official partner of the WindowsShareProject.